If parents find they are not the parent they want to be, it is not a sign of inadequacy.

It is usually because they are stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed.

Perhaps you are feeling…

At a loss when your child just says ‘no’ when you ask them do something

Overwhelmed at times by the strength of your own and your children’s feelings

Unable to stay calm and in control and end up shouting (yet again)

Alone and isolated, with no one to talk to

That you don’t know when to set a limit or how

Upset that your children seem to be constantly arguing and fighting

Misunderstood by everyone – can’t they see you are doing the best you can

That you deserve some respect and acknowledgement for all that you do

That the time-outs, star charts, and consequences are not working and you hate giving them anyway

At your wits end and just don’t know what else to do..


You’re in the right place…

Of course you love them all so much but sometimes lose sight of that feeling and end up behaving in a way that you later regret.

You are absolutely doing your best but wonder why this doesn’t seem to bring about calm solutions in times of difficulty.

It can seem confusing at times when you see what your family are up to and you don’t understand why they behave the way they do.

You’re probably keep trying ways to approach those oh so wearisome arguments that never achieve the desired outcome.

Yo’ve been reading a lot to try and figure it out.  Friends often given advice too.

Questions might go around and around in your mind: how can I change what keeps happening between me and the kids so that we can all be happier?

And you are wondering what happened, and how it got to be like this. Isn’t everyone else trucking merrily along, while you are stuck on a not so merry go round of family life?

How can I help your family?

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I attended a Parentlink course with Liz when I was 24 and struggling to keep my head above water with 2 children under 2. Liz’s gentle and encouraging facilitation, and the clear parenting guidelines she shared, transformed my experience of parenting. With boundaries implemented and self-respect restored I had the energy and inspiration to become the best of myself in my role as mother. Even though my children occasionally thought I was too strict, they are now saying, at 24 & 26, “When we have kids we’re going to do parenting exactly like you did”!!  Without Liz’s guidance and support I would never have been such a good parent…..I, and my children, have had a wonderfully fulfilling, loving, tender and playful journey because of the wisdom she shared.



Imagine how it would feel if you could…

Understand what is really going on for your children when they react in ways that brings steam out of your ears.


“I have learnt to listen to listen to my children and it has made a massive difference to how I and they feel”

“I learnt to look at things differently so that I can understand the needs behind my children’s behaviour”

Know you are able to bring clear limits, and feel confident that you know what to do when things erupt.


“I am able to set limits now, I feel empowered and confident”

Communicate openly, calmly and in a way that’s safe and reassuring for your child.


All of the family have found new ways to communicate their needs to each other and have learnt to compromise for the general benefit of us all”

“What a relief to know I wasn’t the only one!  It really helped to be able to discuss my own situation in a safe environment with guidance from Liz”

Feel resourceful at times of overwhelm, enabling you to respond in a way that brings stability and calm in the midst of the emotional storms.

“I now have the knowledge and courage to approach any difficulties and problems concerning my children and that has made a big difference to how it feels at home”

Find the support and understanding that YOU need in order to be the best mum or dad you can be.  (Acknowledging that you’re human, not a robot, and hiccups along the way are opportunities for growth)

“I am more aware of my feelings and how they affect me and my son.  I have learnt how to respond to situations in a way that helps us both”

Enjoy way more fun, both, individually with your children and as a family; feel that closeness which has been a bit ‘hit or miss’ become more of a constant.

“What has changed is that we all look forward to spending time together and having fun”  

One session of support had a very definite effect on my life and our family became more united as a result”

Feel the roller coaster of family life settling into a gentle ride (with the occasional bump), with minimal bruises and an ever ready first aid kit.


“I have been able to play, talk and listen more positively and actually really enjoy being a parent now”

“The difference now is subtle, (in some ways) but long lasting I’m sure. I am more aware of my behaviour and the effect it has on my children. I understand them a lot more.”

All the comments have been taken from the feedback I have received from the families I have worked with over the years.

So, if…

You welcome the chance to talk to someone who understands, empathises and can give you the insights and tools needed to bring the ease and confidence you ache and yearn for.

You know you have been neglecting your own ‘running on empty’ tank and would like to feel more resourced as well as getting your own needs met;

You are ready for change and realise you won’t get a second chance at being the parent you want to be;

Let me partner you in bringing your family closer together, so that everyone can thrive and flourish to their full potential

Together, let’s make it happen.

How can I help your family?

Get in touch to book a free call so we can discuss your situation. Click the button below to send me an email or call me on 07966 579 924. I look forward to connecting with you!

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