When I first trained as a parent facilitator (over 25 years ago) it was about as strange a concept to most people as becoming a vegetarian was way back when.

At one time it was thought that parenting support was for odd people… we are ok… why would anyone need it?

Times did change and not only were parenting groups gathering momentum. There then came a spate of telly programmes on the subject.

Supernanny, Little Angels and many more besides. Parenting support became mainstream and despite this, as a practitioner, I experienced the doubt and fear many parents felt about asking for help.

Totally understandable to me as I had my own ‘wobble’ before the first session of a parenting course I attended. I only did it because my then partner knew the facilitator and he needed to make up the numbers. What if?… the list was endless.

That session changed my life… subtly at first – but my goodness, to learn that I was not alone and so many of what I thought to be just my issues were common to everyone. It was a mixed bag of backgrounds and income brackets and yet there was a common thread.

I would like a pound for every time I have heard a parent comment about how relieved they are at seeking and finding support.

We ask for help and input when learning a new skill in most other areas. Why not parenting?