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“keeping your cool through the emotional storms of everyday family life”

In this free audio I’ll share my insights into what is happening inside for both us and our children at these overwhelming times. I’ll also offer some tools to help you start the process of transforming your relationships.

Would you like to:

  • Find ways to alleviate your own emotional overwhelm
  • Access tools to stay calm and resourced
  • Have more confidence and ease during the day to day family challenges
  • Cultivate an understanding that brings a deeper connection with your kids
  • Develop more loving relationships – so that everyone can thrive

If you answered yes to any of those, this audio can help.

Can you relate?

  • Feeling exhausted at the end of the day when you know there has been way more struggle and conflict than you had intended when the day began.
  • You wish to translate the love you feel for your children into the everyday challenges of family life but it is often lost in the myriad of tasks that chew up the times you hoped to have a closeness with your kids.  And with the best of intentions you find yourself feeling frustrated and angry that nobody seems to get how hard you are trying and why are they making your life so difficult anyway?
  • It has all got a bit out of hand and you know it could be better.  Family life matters to you and if you could feel stronger and surer when they behave in ways that cause your own emotions to erupt – you would welcome that opportunity with open arms.

I sought Liz Norris’s help when my 7 year old son was suffering from extreme anxiety following problems with his father and our subsequent break-up. Liz aided me in understanding what life was like for my son, offering useful tips to make him feel safe, secure and loved. She instilled in me my confidence in my own parenting skills, and helped my family find a peaceful and joyful way of living again. I will never forget her help and am eternally grateful to her.



You CAN be that calm mum or dad in that scene where the emotional heat is rising…

In this audio I give you insights about what is going on for you and your children so that you can take a step back and unhook yourself from the triggers that keep the same wheel of frustration turning.

The key points I cover are:

  • How the brain affects our own and our children’s behaviour.
  • An overview of how the times we live in contribute to the challenges of modern day parenting.
  • How as parents we are triggered by our children’s emotional displays and how we can begin to help ourselves at these times.
  • Some practical ideas for changing the momentum so that we can approach the challenge with more logic.
  • Helping you to understand you are not alone – at all!  Parenting is about the hardest job in the world and society offers little support for this vital and demanding role.

This is an introduction to an approach that I offer that enables you, as parents, to feel resourced and calm (mostly) in the times that previously left you reeling and regretful that the connection you once felt with your children was slipping from your grasp.

This is the first step in knowing that these struggles are normal in family life and nobody is at fault.  Emotions overwhelm us and we were not taught how to handle our own and our children’s emotions in a way that leaves everyone feeling relieved and more deeply connected to each other.  These skills can be taught and this audio offers an initial understanding of what everyone is feeling and that there is no need to panic, Mr Mannering! (old time sitcom if this doesn’t make sense).

Finding an ease in ourselves that we can pass on to our children is one of the best gifts we can give both them and us.  This audio introduces that possibility for any parent, no matter the age or stage of your child.

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