Real Life Stories: The Cooper/Smiths

This was a family who had merged, with Sally bringing her two sons to live with Ian, who had a son and daughter. When I first met the family I soon saw that this was a busy household with both parents working and the children involved in various activities. There was...

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Real Life Stories: Sarah and her son Mark

I worked with a mum who asked for help because of her 13yr old son. She expressed that for a long time there had just been the two of them and they were very close. About 3 years previously she had met her current partner who also had a son. Sarah said that she was...

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The Common Thread

When I first trained as a parent facilitator (over 25 years ago) it was about as strange a concept to most people as becoming a vegetarian was way back when. At one time it was thought that parenting support was for odd people… we are ok… why would anyone need it?...

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Hi, I’m Liz

I’m a Family Relationships Specialist based in Exeter, UK. My work centres around helping parents feel confident and relaxed, to strengthen the connection with their children and really enjoy family life.

Positive Parenting Facilitator
License No: 7044630