Helping Your Family Thrive

Tools and insights that bring confidence and ease to your parenting, that you couldn’t have imagined possible…

Helping Your Family Thrive

Tools and insights that bring confidence and ease to your parenting, that you couldn’t ahve imagined possible…


Hi I am Liz – family relationships specialist, parent, grandparent and step parent.

When I say there are tools available to bring you confidence and ease with your parenting; that doesn’t mean that there won’t be choppy waters and brewing storms or even full blown thunder, lightening and downpours!

This is an inevitable part of normal family life and my aim and passion is for you to feel so equipped and ready that your only thought will be ‘bring it on.’  Because we all know that we need storms – to clear the air, freshen things up and give nature the best chance to thrive.

It is no different with our children, or us, for that matter.  Feelings are a natural, healthy part of our makeup and I will give you the best tools to carve a shelter, so that everyone feels a safety – no matter what weather front appears.

That overwhelm that you feel comes from lack of understanding and knowing just what the heck to do, when that emotional heat is melting any resources you thought you had.  Leaving everyone in a puddle of confusion and pain.

I will show you what is happening in the emotional brain of both you and your children.  It is an insight that changes everything.  When you know why, the heat reduces to a gentle simmer.  So that everyone can have way more fun and way less stress and disharmony.

This is what I want for you.  I struggled a lot as a parent.  I know how it feels and how much that ache for calm, confidence and ease doesn’t go away.  You love your children and when that love doesn’t translate into the everyday of family life – it just isn’t good enough.

What was once a challenge that sent your weather vein spinning into the stratosphere – becomes an opportunity to bring ease and connection with your children – that will last a lifetime.


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I sought Liz Norris’s help when my 7 year old son was suffering from extreme anxiety following problems with his father and our subsequent break-up. Liz aided me in understanding what life was like for my son, offering useful tips to make him feel safe, secure and loved. She instilled in me my confidence in my own parenting skills, and helped my family find a peaceful and joyful way of living again. I will never forget her help and am eternally grateful to her.



Positive Parenting Facilitator
License No: 7044630